Kiko Goats, Angus Cattle

 and Great Pyrenees Dogs


Our goal is to provide quality cattle, goats, and dogs for our customers.   



Our goats are 75-100% Kiko breed.  They have numerous acres of pasture land with lots of natural "goat food" to keep them healthy and well nourished.   Our goats are protected by their Great Pyrenees friends who share and roam the pastures with them.  We breed annually and have the majority of our goats available for sale in late fall/early winter.

Angus Cattle

Our commercial herd of cattle is comprised of pure bred angus and angus crosses.  Producing calves for the feeder livestock market.  The herd sire is the son of Connealy Capitalist 028.



Our  breeding dogs are purebred Great Pyrenees who are employed on our farm as livestock guardian dogs.  They are very happy and healthy as they navigate the large hilly pastures to protect their goat herds.  We breed our dogs annually.  Puppies will be posted on our web-site as they become available.  To reserve your dogs in advance, contact us at 304-452-0443, or 304-641-0242 (mobile), or 



Kiko Goats, Angus Cattle, Pyrenees Dogs

Providing customers with quality Angus Cattle,

Kiko Goats, and Great Pyrenees Dogs

At Horseshoe Ridge Farms our Kiko goats, Angus Cattle, and Great Pyrenees dogs enjoy the freedom to roam large hillside pastures.  The hilly terrain of West Virginia provides a natural and healthy habitat for the animals.     


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